Journalism Blog: Photo Ban Lifted

The military reversed its policy regarding the photographing of soldiers' coffins. Read the article, "Coming Home In Public" by New York Times reporter Katharine Q. Seelye and react to it. Click here to connect:
http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/15/weekinreview/15seelye.html. We are going to use the annotation approach again, so respond in your blog entry in three parts: 1) What's the article about? Summarize it. 2) How does the story connect to our journalism class and journalism as a profession in general? 3) What questions does the story leave you with after reading it? List at least two.

When you're done, go in and comment on at least three other staff members' responses by clicking to the right (under Journalism, not English 11). This assignment is due by midnight on Monday, March 9, 2009. Happy blogging!

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