Final Blog: What Have You Learned Using New Technologies?

It's been an exciting semester filled with new technologies. This is your opportunity to complete two tasks: First, you will apply your paragraph writing skills one more time; and two, you will provide essential feedback regarding our use of new technologies over the course of this semester. THE PROMPT: Considering all of the ways in which we have used technology in this class, reflect on those instances where you felt those technologies helped and/or hindered your experiences in this class. Your honesty will help me to forge forward with what I do second semester and beyond. Your posting will be graded in the same way that your paragraphs have been on the wiki page over the semester. Happy blogging!


Journalism Blog #2

Here's a sensitive task: Read the following article and respond. What do you think? As members of a journalism class yourself, what would you do if in the editors' shoes? Post your response on your blog by Friday, January 9, and be sure to respond to at least three fellow staff members' blog entries. Click here to read the story: http://www.minnpost.com/stories/2008/12/10/5160/student_editors_faced_with_school_restrictions_do_end_run_collaborate_with_faribault_paper_on_sensitive_story