Journalism Blog Entry #2: Using Quotes

Here is your second blog assignment of the semester, and this one, an informative article published in The New York Times on November 11, 2009, focuses not only on the profession of journalism itself, but on a situation regarding a student publication in particular.


First, you will need to click on this link to read Adam Liptak's story, entitled "From Justice Kennedy, a Lesson in Journalism."

Once you have completed the reading, remember to respond to the three prompts on your own blog: A) What was the article about? B) How does all the content of this article apply to the profession of journalism along with the conduct and production of our own newspaper, the Tiger Rag? C) What questions are you left with? Share at least two, and feel free to elaborate on them thoughtfully.

After you post, remember to go back and comment on ALL other staff members' blogs by clicking on the links under "Journalism 2009-2010 Blogs."

FINALLY, I would like you to take one additional step in this round of blogging, and that is to click here ("Should School Newspapers Be Subject to Prior Review?") to read a blog posting related to the article you just read. Read this short entry, and then comment (your comment could largely reflect what you have already done in your own blog entry, but this time, your entry will be something posted on The New York Times's website - kind of exciting!). Be sure only to include your first name with the entry.

When is all this due? You need to have your postings completed by midnight on Sunday, November 29, and your comments to others must be posted by midnight on Tuesday, December 1. However, the earlier you can post your comment at "Should School Newspapers Be Subject to Prior Review?", the better - just for the sake of freshness and timeliness (and for the excitement of participating in a discussion at The New York Times!).