Journalism Blog: Women, Journalism, and the Workplace Op-Ed Response (Due Nov. 1 & 3)

Well, here is your first blog assignment for the semester. Obviously, if you are with us second semester, we will be completing more of these online discussions as there will be no "book work" like we had in the first month of this semester.


First, you will need to click on this link to go to Joanne Lipman's opinionated article, entitled "The Mismeasure Of Woman", published originally in the October 24, 2009, edition of The New York Times. Click here to read it: "The Mismeasure Of Woman".

Once you have completed that step, the real "work" begins in your own blog (do not respond here). There are three prompts, including the following: A) What was the article about? B) How does all of the content of this article apply to the profession of journalism, our class, and most importantly in this case, you personally? C) What questions are you left with? Share at least two, and feel free to elaborate on them thoughtfully. To see some samples of student work from last year, click on one of the names under "Journalism 2008-09".

After your responses are posted, remember to go back and respond to the responses of ALL other staff members. Their blogs can easily be accessed by clicking on their names, which are the live links to their pages. Once there, click on "Comment" to begin.

When is all this due, you ask? You need to have your postings completed by midnight on Sunday, November 1, and your comments to others must be posted by midnight on Tuesday, November 3 (election day). Everything in Blogger is time-stamped, so we'll know who makes the deadlines, and who does not...

Happy blogging!